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1st Sunday in Advent ... busy start to the Christian New Year!

Fr. Scott officiated at his first Holy Communion service at St. Peter's! What a wonderful way to start our Christian New Year! His sermon discussed the season of Advent. Advent comes from the Latin word for "coming" or "expected" and has come to have both solemn and joyful connotations. We are preparing to celebrate both the first coming of Christ as our Saviour and his expected return as King in all His Glory. We should use Advent both to celebrate His birth 2000 years ago and to prepare ourselves for His second coming.

Fr. Scott also led our Sunday School Class but in the Nave! He reviewed church orientation and layout, tracing the evolution of the Christian worship space starting with the Jewish temple and the Roman basilica. He then reviewed the vestments that an Anglican priest wears during services including the history of each piece. He reviewed and put on the amice, alb, cincture, maniple, stole, and chasuble, as he explained and said the prayer associated with each piece.

Thank you Fr. Scott for both the very interesting Sunday School lesson and the Holy Communion Service!


We held our annual congregational meeting this past Sunday after services. Fr. Scott opened with prayer, Rosalind gave the Sr. Warden's report, Mike the Jr. Warden's report, and Earl the Treasurer's report.

Rosalind reported on the year's biggest challenge, CV-19. We closed the church, opened the church, re-closed the church, re-opened the church, and have remained open since late summer. While we were closed, we learned the intricacies of the gaming software Discord. After a steep learning curve for all of us, we mastered it so well we continue to have our online prayer group meetings on Discord every Tuesday - Thank you Sue! However, through all the craziness we have persevered. Thank you to everyone for all your support including most especially your prayers!

Mike reported on all the work completed at the church this year including the Memorial Garden and Wall, the Narthex repair work, the steeple repairs, cleaning/repainting of the basement, etc.... Thank you Mike and Earl for all your hard work especially during the CV-19 times!

Earl prepared and presented our proposed budget for 2021. While pledges are down from last year, we are still in a stable financial position. The proposed budget was approved. Earl, after many years as treasurer, is turning this responsibility over to Daryl. Thank you both Earl and Daryl!

We also elected Scott to the Mission Committee to replace Carole whose term is expiring. Thank you Carole for years of service on the Mission Committee and the Altar Guild. Also, for years Carole has sent out birthday and anniversary cards to all our members. Claudia has agreed to take over this responsibility. Thank you, Carole and Claudia!

At the end of meeting, Fr. Scott took time to formally introduce himself to the congregation. He discussed his transition from a Baptist to an Anglican priest. He also discussed his move back to East Tennessee, his thoughts about St. Peters, and his path to full acceptance into the APA priesthood.

We then adjourned to the parish hall for lunch!!


LUNCH!! after all the hard work, our wonderful cook team had lunch ready!! Makes for a happy Jr Warden!

Teresa's Chicken Chili....................

Diane's (last name Bishop) warning about her beef chili...............

Carol's beautiful, homemade, yummy Black Forrest Cake...

Thank you Teresa, Diane, and Carol for the wonderful lunch. The perfect end for such a busy day.

..................... well almost the end.

Most left before our cooks performed their version of that great George Stait hit

"All my ex's live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee!"

My advice, never leave too soon because you never know what you will miss!


Special Holiday Events!

The Symphony of the Mountains

The Fireside Virtual Holiday Concert

Streamed Live on YouTube

Appetizers at Jeff & Rosalind's

Saturday Dec 5 @ 3pm

Concert streamed @ 4 pm

We will try to identify Sue and Scott as they play in their masks! Please bring an appetizer to share. Please contact me for directions.

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols with the Symphony of the Mountains String Quartet

The Festival tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ through nine scripture readings interspersed with traditional Christmas hymns. First used in England to start the healing process after the horrors of WWI, the Festival is Anglican in origin but now used by many churches. Our service features the Symphony of the Mountains string quartet playing traditional Christmas Hymns.

Please join us on Sunday, December 13 at 11 am.

(Please note I had the wrong date in flier in this Sunday's bulletin - Thank you Carole and Earl for catching.)


We received the following from Bp. Grundorf's office. If you would like to contribute please place your donation in the offering plate next week with a note.

Several years ago, Bp. Grundorf designated the 2nd Sunday in Advent as "Seminarian Support Sunday." It is a most appropriate Sunday as the Collect that day leads us to pray for our learning and steadfastness in the Faith. All of us know that a quality seminary education is expensive, usually costing thousands of dollars per year. This cost often places an undue hardship on our men who are in seminary and their families. Please remind your congregation that it is important to contribute towards our Seminarian Fund on this Sunday in Advent, and offer other opportunities during the year as well. Designated monies collected should be forwarded to DJ Fulton, the diocesan treasurer, to help support our seminarians, and as a sign of the value we place on their ministry in Christ's Church now, and for years to come. God bless you, and please pray for our seminarians and the Board of Examining Chaplains.

The Very Rev'd Mark Wm. Menees

For the Board of Examining Chaplains


We also received this invitation from All Saints in Charlottesville.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me if you would like to join us but are not on Discord.


Women's Bible Study continues this week. This Wednesday we will finish Lesson 5 which covers chapters 11, 12, 13, & 14 in the book. Thank you Teresa for continuing to lead this insightful study.


Many of us do our holiday shopping at Amazon. Please remember to go to:

and select Saint Peter the Apostle Anglican Catholic Church as your charity to generate donations for Saint Peter's. There is no additional cost to you but we receive a small percentage of each purchase when we are selected!



Tues., Dec. 1 –11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Wed, Dec. 2 – 1 pm Women’s Bible Study

Sat., Dec 5 - 3 pm Appetizers at Rosalind's

4 pm – Symphony of the Mountains “By the Fireside”

Christmas concert live streamed on YouTube

Sun., Dec. 6 – 10 am Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion with Fr. Dennis

noon – Mission Committee Meeting

Tues., Dec 8 – 11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Sun., Dec 13 – 10 am Christian Education with Fr. Scott

11 am Lesson & Carols Service

Tues., Dec 15 – 11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Sun., Dec 20 - 10 am Christian Education with Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion with Fr. Scott

noon Decorating Sanctuary after services for Christmas

Tues., Dec 22 – 11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Thur., Dec 24 – 2 pm Christmas Eve

Holy Communion Services with Fr. Scott

Fri., Dec 25 - noon, Christmas Day - Holy Communion Services

with Fr. Scott

Sun., Dec 27 – 10 am Christian Education with Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion Services with Fr. Scott

Tues., Dec 29 - 11:30 am Online Prayer Group


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