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It's Cold Outside!

Father Dennis joined us for another wonderful Holy Communion Service. Luckily the only snow he saw on the drive from North Carolina was as he passed the "road to Damascus" (VA)! We are so grateful that he is willing and able to drive over the North Carolina Mountains to be with us, especially during this very cold spell!

After service, we had another amazing luncheon provided by Carol, Lynn, and Teresa. The food included two homemade chilis, lots of salad, chicken pot pie, and chips! All perfect for such a cold day!

The dessert was Carol's amazing homemade cheesecake!

Great food and wonderful company!


After the luncheon, the Mission Committee held its first meeting of the New Year. I want to update you on two topics in particular:

1. We are starting a major clean up / spruce up project of the down stairs facilities starting with cleaning out the two storage/utility rooms. We decided to get started as soon as possible, so will start tomorrow, Tuesday Jan. 21 at 10:30 am. I apologize for the short notice, but if you are available to help for a couple hours we would love to have you join us!

2. Last year as a congregation we saw the movie "The Moses Controversy", part of the Patterns of Evidence series of movies. The next movie in the series, "The Red Sea Miracle, part 1" is premiering on Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 7 pm at the Tinseltown Bristol (unfortunately, this is the only showing time/date). If you are interested, please let me know. We will try to arrange for car pooling for those concerned about the late time. Also, let me know your thoughts on meeting for dinner before the show. Please find more information at:


Rose Marie celebrated her birthday this past Saturday! Happy Birthday to you!

Rose Marie helps the church in so many ways including Mission Committee clerk, Altar Guild, music director, cook, .........

..... and delivery of food to other members when helpful! This picture was taken during a delivery of homemade soup to Lynn and Daryl - Daryl is recovering very nicely from his knee surgery!


Rose Marie and Carole visited Gloria last week at Asbury Place, where she is recovering from a broken arm. Unfortunately, she is struggling and will not be able to return to Preston Place. She will soon move into Holston Manor. Please say prayers for Gloria's healing.

At lunch yesterday, I heard of two more people in special need of prayer. Carole's daughter is struggling to recover from pneumonia including hospital time. She is into her fifth week of antibiotics. Teresa and Lanny's oldest grandson is going to the VA hospital for tests on two tumors found on his liver and adrenal gland. Please keep them both in your prayers along with everyone else on our prayer list.



Tuesday, Jan 21 @ 10:30 - clean out of basement storage rooms

Sunday, Jan 26 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Morning Prayer


Sunday, Feb 2 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Morning Prayer (Father Scott is traveling to

Germany therefore he will be with us on the 4th

Sunday instead of the 1st Sunday in February)

Sunday, Feb 9 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Morning Prayer

@ noon Mission Committee Meeting

Sunday, Feb 16 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Holy Communion with Father Dennis

@noon Luncheon

Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 7 pm The Red Sea Miracle at the Tinseltown Bristol

Sunday, Feb 23 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Holy Communion with Father Scott

Tuesday, Feb 25 @ 4:30 pm - Pancake Dinner at Perkins Bristol

Wednesday, Feb 26 @ 1 pm - Ash Wednesday Service with Deacon



FYI - Just a reminder

Many of us do our shopping at Amazon. Please remember to go to:

and select Saint Peter the Apostle Anglican Catholic Church as your charity to generate donations for Saint Peter's. There is no additional cost to you but we receive a small percentage of each purchase when we are selected!

Thank you!



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