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The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

"And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying I will; be thou clean."

Matthew 8:3


Fr. Scott's sermon for the Fourth Sunday After Christmas discussed miracles, in particular the healing of both the leper and the centurion's servant as described in the Gospel lesson from Matthew 8. First he reviewed the differences between miracles and sacraments before reviewing each miracle individually. Fr. Scott then pointed out these two miracles taken together are very powerful showing both personal and intercessionary prayer, the healing of a Jewish man and a gentile, the Jewish law and the Roman power, etc. He closed by asking how is God answering our prayers and are we sharing our struggles with our church community so we can all pray together.

Please find his complete sermon at the 25:45 mark at the following link:

Thank you Fr. Scott for reminding us that while Christ healed bodies during his ministry on earth, after His ascension He left gifts to the Church through the sacraments that heal souls!


In Christian Education this Sunday, Fr. Scott discussed the Feast of King Charles I and the politics/spiritual issues of his times. He also reviewed the pros and cons of the three types of church polity: episcopal, presbyterian, and congregational. Thank you, Fr. Scott for the very informative lesson!


After services, Teresa and Deborah provided a wonderful lunch for us all!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful food and fellowship!

During lunch, Scott presented Matt and Deborah with a gift card from the congregation in lieu of a pounding! Welcome from all of us!

Please remember Scott in your prayers this week as he meets with the Board of Examining Chaplains as part of his path to becoming a Deacon.


Amber seemed especially happy this Sunday with her daddy and her dinosaur!


Rose Marie and Claudia both looked so pretty in purple!


Fr. Scott is celebrating Holy Communion this Wednesday, February 2 at 5 pm in celebration of Candlemas.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me (Rosalind) if you would like to join us on Discord.


I finally finished the new lectern hanging! Soon we will have a complete set of matching green altar hangings!


February Activities

Tues., Feb. 1 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Wed., Feb. 2 5 pm, Candlemas/Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Sun., Feb. 6 10 am Christian Education, Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Tues., Feb. 8 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Feb. 13 10 am Christian Education, Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

noon - pot luck luncheon

1 pm - Mission Committee Meeting

Tues., Feb. 15 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Feb. 20 10 am Christian Education, Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

(cash plate to Fr. Scott's Discretionary Fund)

Tues., Feb. 22 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Feb. 27 10 am Christian Education, Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott


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