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Lent Begins - Create and Make in us new and contrite hearts . . .

Shrove Tuesday, commonly known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, marks the end of the pre-Lenten season, with Lent starting on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally, pancakes are served on Shrove Tuesday. Please join us for pancakes, bacon, and beverages as well as fellowship and lively conversation on Tuesday, February 13 at 5 pm. We hope to see you there!

Please join us at 5 pm, February 14 as we observe the beginning of Lent at our Ash Wednesday Service. Fr. Yossi will lead the service.

Our first Stations of the Cross service followed by a light dinner is scheduled on Friday, February 16 starting at 5 pm. The service is followed by a light dinner (soup, salad, and bread).

The fourteen Stations of the Cross allow us to walk with Jesus Christ during His final day before the Crucifixion using fourteen scripture readings interspersed with prayers. Each Station represents one event that happened during Jesus's walk to the cross. We join with early Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem who walked the Via Dolorosa, which is the path walked by Jesus to Mount Calvary. Come join us in this ancient tradition remembering Christ's Passion.


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