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May The LORD bless you and keep you....

This week Teresa laid to rest her precious husband, Lanny. Above is one of the beautiful bouquets used at his visitation. Many of us were able to attend the visitation and beautiful service in Elizabethton on Tuesday night. Fr. Scott officiated at both the service and the burial service on Wednesday.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rose Marie, Carole, and Rosalind brought finger food to Teresa's house for visitors and family after the burial. Wednesday evening, Claudia, Mike, Diane, Lynn, and Carol brought dinner for the family. Thank you to everyone who



Earl led our Morning Prayer Service on Discord this past Sunday. The service included the reading of a past sermon by Dean Henderson about The Transfiguration.

Thank you to Earl for leading and organizing the service. Thank you to everyone who participated and read during the service.


Fr. Dennis joins us for Holy Communion next week as we return to St. Peter's for services! In addition to social distancing and wearing masks, we are continuing to skip Christian Education and are skipping coffee hour after services.

Several people have expressed interest in meeting for lunch at a restaurant after services. Therefore, after services we will take a count of those interested and pick a restaurant.


Sue continues to lead our weekly prayer group meetings on Discord. Our next prayer group meeting is on Discord this Wednesday, August 12 at 11:15 am. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers!


In addition to leading our prayer group, Sue wrote July's article for The Wooded Place magazine. She wrote about religious freedom here in the US and the persecution of many Christians around the world. Thank you Sue for such a heartfelt article!


Lastly, Teresa won her election to the position of Elizabethton Municipal Judge. I'm sure Lanny is proudly pointing her out to all his heavenly companions!



Wednesday, August 12 , @ 11:15 am, Prayer Group on Discord

Sunday, August 16 @ 11 am, Holy Communion Services

Fr. Dennis officiating

Wednesday, August 19, @ 11:15 am, Prayer Group on Discord


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