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Palm Sunday - Beautiful Start to Holy Week

Fr. Scott's sermon discussed the quick transition from Jesus entering Jerusalem in triumph on Palm Sunday to Jesus being crucified only a few days later. How were the crowds turned from praising their rightful King to condemning him to death so quickly? There were two groups of people in Jerusalem watching as Jesus entered. The first group was common people who were expecting Jesus to be a political king that would free them from the Romans. The second group was the religious leaders of the day who knew who Jesus was but Jesus was not playing by their rules. They saw Jesus's power over the masses and were horrified because he was someone able to challenge their authority. Fr. Scott also asked us to recognize ourselves in the story of putting our Lord to death and to remember Jesus still chose to suffer and forgive us.

Please find Fr. Scott's complete sermon at the link below:

Thank you Fr. Scott for that beautiful sermon! Also for reviewing our Holy Week Schedule:

​Maundy Thursday April 1 @ 6 pm

Good Friday April 2 @ 3 pm

Holy Saturday April 3 @ 9 am - 3 pm

church open for quiet meditation

Easter Sunday April 4 @ 11 am


In Sunday School, Fr. Scott went through each of the Holy Week services. He reviewed the history, meaning, and process of each service. There was so much information in his notes this week, I published them at the link below:

Thank you Fr. Scott for all the information and explanations!


After services, we moved downstairs for our luncheon, but before we started the meal we welcomed Fr. Scott and Maryl to Kingsport with an old fashioned pounding - stocking their pantry with all kinds of staples!

We also offered them the following items along with a blessing:

Bread - so that their house may never know hunger

Candle - so that their house will always have light

Sugar - so that life shall always have sweetness

Salt - so that life may always have flavor

And Wine - so that joy and prosperity may reign forever

We are so happy they are in Kingsport and hope they are as happy in Kingsport as we are to have them here with us at St. Peter's! Also, Saturday was the six month anniversary of Fr. Scott coming to St. Peter's! Thank you to everyone for all your generous welcome gifts!

Fr. Scott and Maryl sent the following note to me this morning:

“Thank you Church family for providing for our needs and the outpouring of love you have shown our family. We are especially grateful for the love you have shown to Amber and Audree. We feel blessed knowing they are growing up around such amazing people. We are looking forward to being a part of St. Peters as God continues to bless it.”

With Love

Fr. Scott and Maryl

Amber and Audree

Then on to the food!

Good food and great company! Thank you to everyone for bringing so many wonderful dishes. Thank you, Rose Marie for bringing the hot cross buns!


And speaking of gifts - thank you to Lynn and Daryl for your very generous gift of an aspergillum for the church! Fr. Scott used it to sprinkle Holy Water on the palms during service today. He also blessed most everyone after services!

A happy priest on a mission!


The church and altar looked beautiful for our Palm Sunday services!

Thank you Carole, Rose Marie, Rosalind, and Fr. Scott for decorating the church. Thank you, Teresa for ordering and delivering the fresh palms!

Carole and Rose Marie meeting the challenge of covering the processional cross!

While decorating the church we got word of the first of several hail storms to move through the Tri-Cities area along with significant rain and thunderstorms!

Marble sized hail!

Mike and Claudia's front porch!

Rosalind and Jeff's driveway!

The Ft. Henry Mall parking lot!

Teresa's yard didn't get hail, but did get lots of water!

Amazingly, there was no hail or flooding at the church!


On the Friday before Palm Sunday, Fr. Scott led a prayer service using The Litany and A Penitential Office.

Thank you Fr. Scott for leading those beautiful prayer services!


Rose Marie and Rosalind went to visit Elsa at her beautiful mountain home near the North Carolina & Tennessee border. The weather was cloudy but the views were still beautiful!

Elsa also showed us the many lovely daffodils her husband, Joe, had planted all over the property.

Elsa fixed us a delightful lunch of homemade hot potato salad!

And we even bravely attempted a selfie!

Thank you, Elsa for a lovely afternoon at your beautiful home!


Sigrid sent me this write up from the Bristol paper featuring Sue & Scott and some of their future concerts! Thank you Sigrid!


Our Holy Week Schedule along with a message from Fr. Scott has been posted on Facebook!

Everyone knows to come to Church to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter morning but what of the days leading up to this greatest of miracles? Please join us as we celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. If you have never witnessed Holy Week services then you are truly missing out, Easter Sunday is so much more glorious when you have first walked with our Lord during His darkest days. To be with our Lord at His lowest makes being with Him at His highest all the more meaningful. Walk with us into the deeper mysteries of our Christian Faith.

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you. Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

On Saturday, April 3 at 3 pm, please come help us set up the church for Easter Sunday. All help is welcome!


Below is the most recent flier from the APA about the annual Lenten Appeal - please read and consider supporting this worthy cause! Please mark any donation as "Lenten Appeal" and place in the offertory.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact Rosalind if you would like to join us on Discord.


Fr Dennis will be joining us on Sunday, April 25 for a "Big Thank You So Much" celebration! We want to thank him for his trips over the mountains in all kinds of weather to provide St. Peters with Holy Communion. Also we hope he will come visit often! More information to come!


Holy Week

Tues., Mar 30 11:30 Online prayer group discord

Thur., April 1 6 pm, Fr. Scott - Maundy Thursday

Fri., April 2 3 pm, Fr. Scott - Good Friday

Sat., April 3 9 am church open for quiet meditation

3 pm cleaning & Easter setup

Sun., April 4 11 am Easter/Holy Communion, Fr. Scott


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