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The Sunday After Ascension Day

Fr. Scott started his sermon on Sunday by asking us to meditate on the impact Jesus's Ascension - the fact that he did not stay on earth in his resurrected body. What if He had stayed on earth? What could be better than having Jesus Christ in His resurrected body here on earth? What conversation would you have with Him? Would He stay in Jerusalem or travel the world? How would over one billion Christians interact with Him? If Jesus was still on earth our access would be much more restricted than it is now.

However, Jesus chose to ascend into Heaven in His resurrected body. Christians often refer to the Body of Christ, a phrase used to describe the real resurrected body of Christ in Heaven, the Church as a body, and the bread of Holy Communion. Fr. Scott then discussed the meaning and implications of each usage of the phrase Body of Christ. Please find Fr. Scott's complete sermon at the link below at the 21:20 mark:

Thank you, Fr. Scott for that lovely sermon!


Prior to Holy Communion Services, Fr. Scott discussed the Sacrament of Confession in our Sunday School Class. Confession, also known as Reconciliation or Penance, is not the same as the General Confession in the Prayer Book. The Matter of this sacrament is the confession and repentance of the confessor. The Form consists of the words "I absolve thee" spoken by the priest (Only God can forgive sins, the priest declares forgiveness). The use of The Sacrament of Confession in the Anglican Church is summarized in the following saying: "All may, some should, but none must". Fr. Scott's notes for the Sacrament of Confession are at the following link:

Thank you, Fr. Scott for the very interesting and informative lesson!


Sue and Scott provided our music this Sunday! As Ming's father was not feeling well, Ming was unable to come. Many prayers for a speedy and complete recovery! Also, many thanks to Sue and Scott for such beautiful music!


After services, Lynn and Claudia provided a wonderful luncheon of Caesar's salad, ham & cheese sandwiches, crackers with hummus & guacamole, grapes, and brownies!

As always, wonderful food and wonderful company.

The food was so wonderful, there were no leftovers!!

Thank you, Lynn and Claudia!


Claudia sent us this picture of Maddy, the daughter of one her friends, on a horse for the first time since being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Maddy is on the prayer list for our online prayer group.

Later we learned about the "Go Gray in May Campaign" sponsored by the National Brain Tumor Society. May is now Brain Tumor Awareness Month, "a month dedicated to supporting, empowering, and amplifying the voice of the brain tumor community". In addition to lifting Maddy up in prayer each week online, we wore gray this Sunday in support of Maddy and all the other people fighting brain tumors.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact Rosalind if you would like to join us on Discord.


On Saturday we hosted a yard maintenance and landscaping work day at the church. We had a great turnout!

Diane met and spoke with Fr. Scott's mother, Patti, when she dropped off Amber and Audrey!

Earl surveying all the work to be done at the back property line!

Rosalind and Scott making progress along the property


Ambler rescuing some of the overgrown iris...

Diane and Teresa planted a red bud in the lower area.....

I want to especially recognize Mike, our Junior Warden extraordinaire! He cleaned the gutters....

sawed up the brush....

used his industrial sized weed wacker to clear the overgrowth on the back corner of the lot...

And he brought the new sign post he made to replace the one damaged in a recent wind storm! I think this one will last a long time!

Mike and Fr. Scott dug the post hole for the new sign post but unfortunately hit rock before the hole was deep enough. Currently working on a plan B!

While others worked outside, Claudia, Agnes, and Lynn worked inside! Everything looked wonderful Sunday morning!

After all that hard work, we enjoyed a takeout pizza lunch!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this amazingly successful day of work and fellowship! Thank you Daryl for all the wonderful pictures!


The Mission Committee voted to restart our support of Shades of Grace, a church in downtown Kingsport "empowering the lost, abandoned, and misplaced people of the Kingsport area to meet Jesus Christ." They also provide food and clothing for those in need. We are asking for donations of diabetic and athletic tube socks. Please put your donation in the basket in the Narthex between now and May 30. Thank you for kind support!


Over the years, we have amassed quite a collection of mugs in the church kitchen. In order to make room for other items, these mugs are looking for new homes - first come, first serve!


May Activities

Tues., May 18 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., May 23 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Tues., May 25 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., May 30 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

June Activities

Tues., June 1 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., June 6 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Tues., June 8 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., June 13 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Tues., June 15 11:30 Online Prayer Group


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