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Trinity Sunday

"Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."

St. John 3:5 -6


Fr. Dennis joined us this past Sunday for Holy Communion. His sermon focused on the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity. He reviewed Jesus's words to Nicodemus in this Sunday's Gospel lesson about how every human being needs to be transformed or born anew by water baptism and by the Holy Spirit. He then reviewed the Doctrine of the Trinity in relation to two aspects of the Christian life: Christian morality and Christian prayer. At the end of the sermon he reminded us that God is asking us for more than just an intellectual response. This mystery about the nature of God and His will toward us is asking us for the response of living faith. In order for us to have a true appreciation of the Holy Trinity, we need to experience it in daily Christian life especially as we pursue Christian morality and Christian prayer.

Thank you Fr. Dennis for the informative and thoughtful sermon. Please find the complete service including the sermon at the following link:

After services we enjoyed a delicious potluck lunch in the Parish Hall!

Thank you to everyone for making our luncheon so delicious and enjoyable!

Sue and Ambrose were having a very good time!


Fr. Dennis completed his review of the creeds in this past week's confirmation class. The next class is an overview of the Bible and the Prayerbook. Everyone is invited to attend these classes! Thank you Fr. Dennis for these very informative lessons!

On the Sundays Fr. Dennis is not with us, Sue will lead a short Prayer Meeting downstairs starting at 10:30.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Discord every Thursday at 2 pm. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me if you would like to join us on Discord.


Our next Women's Bible Study is on Wed. June 7 @ 11 am at the church. We are using "The First 24" for our study guide. This is an in depth study of Mark 1:21-45 - the first 24 hours of Jesus' public ministry. The guide is available on Amazon. Please remember to bring the book, your bible, and a lunch!


We have finished painting the floor of the Parish Hall and the back hallway in the basement. This week we plan to finish the kitchen floor. Rose Marie ordered new curtains for the Parish Hall and the kitchen! Everything is looking so nice!

Thank you Rose Marie for the curtains! Thank you Will and Mitch for carrying out the extra bench! And thank you 'painting team' for all your hard work - now if we could just master selfies!


Lynn has coordinated with Shades of Grace ministry in downtown Kingsport to provide 80 lunches for people in need through their food program on Wednesday, June 28. More information to come! Anyone interested in helping with the food preparation please let Lynn know.

For more information on the Shades of Grace ministry please go to the following link:

Thank you Lynn for taking the lead on this project!


Rose Marie has arranged for Earl's funeral service on Saturday, June 17 at 2 pm at the church. Fr. Dennis will be officiating. All members are invited to attend.


For Peace, and Deliverance from our Enemies

O Almighty God, who art a strong tower of defense unto thy servants against the face of their enemies; We yield thee praise and thanksgivings for our deliverance from those great and apparent dangers wherewith we were compassed. We acknowledge thy goodness that we were not delivered over as a prey unto them; beseeching thee still to continue such thy mercies towards us, that all the world may know that thou art our Saviour and mighty Deliverer; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


The Comprovincial is the regular electronic newsletter of the Anglican Province of America and the Diocese of the Eastern United States, detailing the activities of the Presiding Bishop, the Most Reverend Chandler Holder Jones SSC.

Please find the most recent information at the following link:


June Activities

Wed., June 7 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., June 8 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., June 11 10:30 am Prayer Meeting

11 am Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

Wed., June 14 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., June 15 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sat., June 17 2 pm, Earl's Funeral Service, Fr. Dennis

at the church

Sun., June 18 10:30 am Prayer Meeting

11 am Holy Communion, Canon Bob

Wed., June 21 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., June 22 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., June 25 10:30 am Prayer Meeting

11 am Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

Wed., June 28 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., June 29 2 pm Online Prayer Group


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