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A Beautiful Sexagesima Sunday

"But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience."

St. Luke 8:15


Thank you Fr. Yossi for the beautiful Holy Communion Service and the very impassioned sermon. The sermon focused on the Gospel lesson describing the parable of the sower as taught by Jesus in St. Luke 8. Fr. Yossi reminded us that our intent should be to live a Godly life - not for us but because God is worthy of that effort from us. We can build a solid foundation of faith by adhering to what Jesus has taught us and obeying His instructions.

Please find the complete service including the sermon at the following link:

Thank you, Fr. Yossi for the beautiful service. Thank you, Scott for serving with Fr. Yossi and for leading the early Morning Prayer Service.


After services Teresa, Lin, Diane, and Agnes served a delicious lunch of soup with cheese & chips, homemade bread with butter, and homemade cake!

Thank you for all the food and for the wonderful company!


Fr. Yossi continued his series of lessons for Christian Education entitled "Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought & Doctrine". Fr. Yossi has asked us to bring our Bibles (preferably KJV or NKJV) for these studies.

The classes will continue next Sunday starting at 10 am. Please join us - a pot of coffee will be on!


Our Bible Study will continue this Wednesday at the church. Fr. Paul is leading a series of lessons which are focused on his book As It Is In Heaven A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Introduction to the Traditional Church and Her Worship.

Come join us this Wed., Feb. 7 at 11 am for the next study. Please remember to bring the book, your bible, and a lunch!


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Discord every Thursday at 2 pm. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me if you would like to join us on Discord.


Next Sunday, February 11, is our next pot luck luncheon! Please bring a dish to share!


Lent is coming

For Shrove Tuesday (February 13) we are planning a pancake dinner at the church starting at 5 pm. We are serving pancakes with all the fixings, bacon, sausage, orange juice, and coffee! We will begin preparations at about 4 pm. All are welcome to help with preparations and/or to come enjoy the food & fellowship.


Please join us at 5 pm, February 14 for our Ash Wednesday Service. Fr. Yossi will lead the service.

Also, the Events Committee has scheduled Ash Wednesday services with Fr. Yossi at two local assisted living/rehabilitation centers:

10 am The Orchard View

2035 Stone Brook Place, Kpt.

1:30 pm American House Senior Living

901 Teasel Drive, Kpt.

If you are interested in participating in and/or helping with either of these services, please let Fr. Yossi or Sam know!


Three Stations of the Cross services followed by a light dinner are scheduled during Lent: February 16, March 1, and March 15 starting at 5 pm. Each service is followed by a light dinner (soup, salad, and bread).

The fourteen Stations of the Cross allow us to walk with Jesus Christ during His final day before the Crucifixion using fourteen scripture readings interspersed with prayers. Each Station represents one event that happened during Jesus's walk to the cross. We can join with early Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem who walked the Via Dolorosa, which is the path walked by Jesus to Mount Calvary. Come join us in this ancient tradition remembering Christ's Passion.


Letter and information from Bp. Jones about this year's Lenten Appeal:

Dearly beloved in Christ,

It is my profound joy and privilege to ask for your support of the 2024 APA Lenten Appeal on behalf of Saint Dunstan’s Academy in Roseland, Nelson County, Virginia, the first residential school for young men in the history of the Continuing Church.

It is our goal this year to raise $150,000 for the Academy. This collection will enable the Academy to begin with its first class later this year. A successful Lenten Appeal will enable Saint Dunstan's to build a bunkhouse to house the first cohort of students.

The founding of Saint Dunstan's represents a major missionary step forward in the life of our jurisdiction, most obviously by catechising and forming a new generation of young men to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, but also by serving as an example of the health and energy of our Province. Saint Dunstan's trailblazing vision has drawn attention throughout Anglicanism in North America and throughout the world of classical education.

May our Saviour bless you as you prayerfully consider your financial support for this distinctive and all-important project. Please be generous!

In Our Blessed Lord


The Most Reverend Chandler Holder Jones, SSCPresiding Bishop


Recently we received a very generous donation designated to improve the area behind the altar! We also received another generous donation of wood and other materials for use towards this project! Last week I met with Mike and Jim (Diane's husband) to begin reviewing design and construction options for this much needed improvement.

Two very experienced construction and wood working men! Thank you both for your time, thoughts, and experience as we start this project! More information to come as this project begins. Also, thank you so much to our generous benefactors!!


Spring is coming! My Lenten Rose is blooming!


Sue and Scott enjoyed a taste of summer on their recent trip to the Bahamas!

Scott caught this picture of Sue running for her life at Jaws Beach (the movie was filmed here!).

Their cottage even had its own banana tree! Looks a wonderful trip - thank you sharing the pictures with us!


February Activities

Tues., Feb. 6 Clericus Meeting - Brevard, NC

Fr. Yossi, Br. Scott

Wed., Feb. 7 11 am Bible Study

Thur., Feb. 8 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., Feb. 11 9:15 Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

10 am Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion

Fr. Yossi, Br. Scott & Anderson

12:30 pm Potluck Luncheon

1:30 pm Mission Committee

Tues., Feb. 13 5 pm Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

at the Church


Lent Begins

Wed., Feb. 14 10 am The Orchard View, Fr. Yossi

1:30 pm American House Senior

Living, Fr. Yossi

Wed., Feb. 14 5 pm Ash Wednesday

Holy Communion Service, Fr. Yossi

Thur., Feb. 15 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Fri., Feb 16 5 pm Stations of the Cross

Followed by light dinner

Sun., Feb. 18 9:15 Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

10 am Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion

Fr. Yossi, Br. Scott & Anderson

12:30 Food Team 2

Wed., Feb. 21 11 am Bible Study

Thur., Feb. 22 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., Feb. 25 9:15 Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

10 am Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion

Fr. Yossi, JP

12:30 Food Team 3

Wed., Feb. 28 11 am Bible Study

Thur., Feb. 29 2 pm Online Prayer Group

March Activities

Fri., Mar. 1 5 pm Stations of the Cross

Followed by light dinner

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