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A Beautiful Summer Week!

Mike lead a beautiful Morning Prayer service this past Sunday. His sermon was based on the Gospel lesson from Luke about the Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Parable of the Lost Coin. Thank you Mike for leading our Morning Prayer Service.

We had wonderful refreshments after services. Thank you to Carole for the chipped beef dip, Claudia for the fresh fruit skewers, and Rose Marie for the dessert.


Father Dennis is coming next Sunday for Holy Communion. Thank you for Fr. Dennis for switching weeks with Fr. Scott for the month of July and for driving over on the July 4th holiday weekend!


We will have our weekly prayer group meeting on Discord this Wednesday, July 1 at 11:15 am. Thank you Sue for continuing to lead our prayer group!


Also on July 1, Sigrid and I are planning another visit to Margaret. Sigrid has arranged for us to meet at Dominion Bristol at 4:15. Dominion has arranged for us to look into a different window this time and visit with Margaret at 4:30. Anyone interested, please join us at 4:15 so we have time to complete the Dominion paperwork!



Wednesday, July 1, @ 11:15 am, Prayer Group on Discord

Sunday, July 5, @ 11 am, Holy Communion Service at St. Peters

with Fr. Dennis



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