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Baptism, Bishop, and Blessings!

What a wonderful weekend - so many 'good and perfect' gifts for St. Peter's! So many beautiful pictures to share and so much to write about (this turned into my longest post ever)!


During Bishop Grundorf's long anticipated visit, he baptized Fr. Scott and Maryl's baby girl, Audree. Audree looked beautiful in her Christening gown!

Welcome, Audree, into the "body of Christ's Church"!

So wonderful to have all of Maryl's beautiful family join us!

Fr. Scott's delightful mother also joined us! However, I managed to let her leave without getting a picture!


Bishop Grundorf was joined by his wife, Mary, during his visit to St. Peters this weekend. Even though Bp. Grundorf and Fr. Scott have spoken often, they met for the first time this weekend. Fr. Scott is now officially the interim Vicar at St. Peter's! Thank you Bp. Grundorf for recognizing Fr. Scott. Thank you Fr. Scott for being with us and continuing on the APA path to become our Vicar!

After the Baptismal Ceremony, Bp Grundorf celebrated Holy Communion assisted by Fr. Scott and Earl.

Bp Grundorf's sermon for the second Sunday in Lent covered the broad category of the temptations of the flesh. He quoted the Epistle lesson from 1 Thessalonions 4:1 in which Paul "beseeches" and "exhorts" us to please God by abstaining for the temptations of the flesh. He reminded us, sexual sins are sins against ourselves. Baptism is accompanied by the power to obey God's call including the rejection of sexual sins. Obeying God's call is not a matter of our strength but by God's Grace which we pray for earnestly. An example of this type of prayer is found in the Gospel lesson of the Canaanite woman whose daughter was "grievously vexed with a devil". Though initially ignored and rejected by Jesus, she persisted in her faith and requests for Jesus's healing. Bp. Grundorf reminded us that we are weak, we need continual prayer, and God is always there to pick us up after we ask for his forgiveness. His full sermon may be found at the 29:50 mark at the following link!


Sue and Ming made the service even more beautiful with their musical talents and skills! Sue played her violin along with Ming on the piano for all our hymns for this special

service. We are truly blessed with amazing musical talent!

Thank you both for providing such beautiful music for this very special day!


After services we hosted a luncheon downstairs! We had a full house!

Thank you to Rose Marie and Carole for arranging for the sandwiches from Jersey Mikes! Also thank you Rose Marie for bringing the chips, Rosalind for bringing the drinks, & Rose Marie and Ambler for bringing the desserts!

The congregation gave Fr. Scott and Maryl an embroidered baby blanket as a keepsake for Audree! Happy Baptism, Audree. Thank you to every one who contributed!

Before Bp. Grundorf left St. Peters, he graciously thanked us for our hospitality! Also, we presented him with the cash plate from the offering. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thank you to everyone for coming and making the Second Sunday in Lent 2021 such a special day!



In order to have the church ready for such a special day, we held a big spring cleaning afternoon this past Friday! As usual with our cleaning days, we got a lot of work done while still having some fun!

Teresa and Rose Marie getting started.

Carole and Rose Marie removing the dried, spilled wax.

I particularly admire Agnes's floor cleaning techniques!

I didn't realize cleaning made Carole so happy!

The clean team still smiling after 3 hours of cleaning......

Just in time for our Friday, 5 pm Stations of the Cross!

Scott and Sue led us in another beautiful Stations of the Cross service. Scott had meditation questions for us at each station along with the Bible readings and prayers. Thank you, Sue and Scott for a another lovely service!


On Saturday night the Mission Committee and Officers hosted a dinner for Bp. Grundorf and Mary at Mike and Claudia's house.

We gave Bp. Grundorf and Mary a bottle of scotch selected by Teresa from a store in Hilton Head specializing in scotch!

Mike looking a bit serious before

everything starts.

Anna and Amber had a great time together!

Thank you so much Mike and Claudia for hosting another wonderful event at your beautiful home. Thank you both so much for all you do for the church in so many ways!


A very special 'Thank You' to Daryl, our new Treasurer and photographer extraordinaire! Also, thank you Diane, Agnes, and Teresa for sending me your beautiful photos.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Tuesday at 11:30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me if you would like to join us but are not on Discord.


The Stations of The Cross

Scott and Sue have taken on a wonderful Lenten project - they will open the church every Friday evening in Lent for a Stations of the Cross service. However, this week Sue & Scott are out of town and Lynn & Daryl have graciously agreed to lead the service! Thank you, Lynn & Daryl! Also, Claudia is bringing soup and sandwiches for a light dinner after service.

The next service will be on Friday, Mar 5 at 5 pm.

The fourteen Stations of the Cross allow us to walk with Jesus Christ during His final day before the Crucifixion using fourteen scripture readings interspersed with prayer. Each station represents one event that happened along the way. We can join in with early Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem who walked the Via Dolorosa, which is the path walked by Jesus to Mount Calvary. Come join us in this ancient tradition remembering Christ's Passion.



Tues., Mar 2 11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Fri., Mar 5 5:00 pm, Stations of the Cross

followed by light dinner

Sun., Mar 7 10 am Christian Education, Fr. Scott

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Tues., Mar 9 11:30 am Online Prayer Group

Fri., Mar 12 5:00 pm, Stations of the Cross

followed by light dinner

Sun., Mar 14 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

Liturgy of the Word

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

noon Mission Committee

Tues., Mar 16 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Fri., Mar 19 5:00 pm, Stations of the Cross

followed by light dinner

Sun., Mar 21 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

Liturgy of the Sacrament

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

(cash plate to Fr. Scott’s discretionary fund)

Tues., Mar 23 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Fri., Mar 26 5:00 pm, Stations of the Cross

followed by light dinner

Sun., Mar 28 10 am Christian Education Fr. Scott

Liturgy of the Palms

11 am Holy Communion, Palm Sunday, Fr. Scott

Tues., Mar 30 11:30 Online Prayer Group


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