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Palm Sunday

Grace and peace in the Lord.

Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Greeting from Fr. Dennis in NC

Mike led a beautiful Palm Sunday service on Discord. Thank you Mike for leading the service and coordinating all the readings & readers. It's always so comforting to hear everyone's voice!


As part of our quarantined celebration of Palm Sunday, Lynn suggested we each put a Palm Sunday related decoration on the front of our houses to let the world know we are still celebrating Palm Sunday (even if many of us didn't have palms)!

Lynn's beautiful arrangement stands out against her red door!

Teresa did double the decorations!

This one is on her front door...............

and this one on her side door!

Mike and Claudia sent this picture from outside their beautiful home.

Rose Marie's exuberant palm cross and magnolia leaves in front of a beautiful holly bush with red berries!

Rosalind's decoration at the end of the driveway (magnolia leaves and crosses courtesy of Rose Marie).

And Diane's dapper Easter Bunny wearing his beautiful palm rose!

Thank you Lynn for the idea and to everyone who sent in a picture!


On Wednesday Sue led our prayer group meeting on Discord. Thank you Sue for doing such a wonderful job leading the prayer group. We will meet again on Discord this Wednesday at 5 pm for prayer. Please join us!


Holy Week Services

Maudy Thursday service on Discord at 11 am. Diane will lead a meditation on Judas after the service.

Good Friday service on Discord at 11 am. We will read the The Stations of the Cross.

On Easter Sunday Father Scott will join us on Discord for our 11 am service. He will deliver an Easter Sunday sermon for us. I'm very excited about reconnecting with larger church community!


Despite the quarantine, Jim and Earl are back at work this spring on our church grounds - all while maintaining proper distances! Earl is continuing his work on our Memorial Garden Wall and Jim is working on landscaping. Thank you both for all your hard work!


Joining us on Discord

As part of the learning curve I have learned that microphones and headphones are not always required. Several people were just using their phones or tablets. Also my Discord expert (my game loving son) advised many different types of phones and tablets will support Discord. I hope you are all able to join us.

The process to join Discord is as follows:

1.  On the device you want to use - go to

2.  Follow the download instructions on

3.  After download, create a user name and password.  I just used my

initials - rhc.  Discord will assign a four digit code to your user name

- for example my full user name on Discord is  rhc#8162

4.  Go to the '  friends  '  tab.  Click on Add Friend .  Type in

rhc#8162.  Click    Send Friend Request.

5.  After I receive your request, I will send you an invitation to join

the St Peters Talk server.

6. After you accept the invitation to join St Peters Talk server, call me and I will show you how to get on voice. (If you don't have my number, send me an email so I can send it to you!)



Wednesday, April 8, @ 5 pm, Prayer Group on Discord

Thursday, April 9, Maundy Thursday on Discord

@ 11 am followed by meditation led by Diane

Friday, April 10, Good Friday on Discord

@ 11 am Stations of the Cross

Sunday, April 12, Easter Sunday on Discord

@ 11 am, Fr. Scott will join us!


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