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The 'Dog Days' of Summer & the Sixth Sunday after Trinity


"Jesus said unto his disciples, Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven."

St. Matthew 5:20


Fr. Scott, Maryl, and the girls returned to church this Sunday after recovering from COVID infections. It was wonderful to have them all with us again!

The sermon focused on the Gospel Lesson from Matthew 5 describing one of the lessons Jesus taught as part of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus expands the commandment "Thou shalt not murder" to include a deeper Christian meaning which includes not killing with thoughts. This includes thoughts and actions that hurt both our community and our congregation. Many people leave churches because they observe or experience these types of actions between members of the congregation. Jesus is challenging us to actually be righteous rather than seem to be righteous. Please find the complete sermon and service on our YouTube channel:

Thank you Fr. Scott for the thoughtful sermon!


Anne helped Matt with the Old Testament reading and the Psalm.

I enjoyed a few minutes during service with Amelia!

Henry stole the show later in the service, but alas no pictures!


This past Sunday, Sue led the second of three book readings from "Your Healing Is Within You" by the Anglican Bishop Jim Glennon. Thank you Sue for introducing us to this very interesting book! We will meet again before Holy Communion services between 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 31. This is not a "new age" book, but rather presents an Anglican view and teaching about praying for divine healing. The book itself is out of print, but used copies are available on the internet (Amazon, etc). Sue has several copies, but depending on how many people come, we may need a few more - so please let Sue know if you are planning to attend so she can work out the number of books needed. Please contact Sue if you have any questions or need more information. Thank you Sue for leading this study!


Teresa shared this beautiful collage created by her phone. The altar looks beautiful in all the different church seasons! Thank you for sharing!

Speaking of the altar . . .

On Wednesday, July 27 at 3 pm Teresa and Fr. Scott are hosting an Altar Guild training session for anyone interested in learning about and joining the Altar Guild. Lay Readers and cleaning team members are encouraged to attend if possible.


Saturday was Earl's 87th Birthday! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Thank You so much for all you do around the church!



Sue and Scott are heading to Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Nashotah, WI for a week of on campus classes as Scott studies for the diaconate.

As Sue will be out of town with Scott this week, our weekly online prayer group meeting is cancelled for Wednesday, July 27. Sue will resume our weekly meetings on Wednesday. August 3 at 11:30. We have returned to the Discord platform for these meetings. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! Please contact Rosalind if you would like to join us on Discord.


Our congregational meeting has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 13. During this meeting we will consider ideas and visions for the future of our Parish, our building, Sunday School and Worship times, etc. We will have breakfast in the Parish Hall for those who would like to come a little early at 8:00am. The meeting will start at 9:00am and finish no later than 11:30am. Please try to come or send a member of your family. If you cannot be there, please send Br. Scott any ideas or suggestions you would like discussed.


Sunday, August 14, is our monthly pot luck luncheon! Please remember to bring a dish to share!


July Activities

Wed., July 27 3 pm Altar Guild training

Sun., July 31 9:30 study from "Your Healing Is Within You"

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

August Activities

Wed., Aug 3 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Aug 7 10:00 Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

Wed., Aug 10 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sat., Aug 13 8 am breakfast

9 am Congregational meeting

Sun., Aug 14 10:00 Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

noon Potluck Luncheon

Wed., Aug 17 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Aug 21 10:00 Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott

(cash plate to Fr. Scott's Discretionary Fund)

Wed., Aug 24 11:30 Online Prayer Group

Sun., Aug 28 10:00 Christian Education

11 am Holy Communion, Fr. Scott


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