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The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

"But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up they bed, and go unto thine house."

St. Matthew 9:6


This Sunday morning, Fr. Yossi led both our Morning Prayer Service and our Holy Communion Service. His sermon focused on the Gospel lesson from St. Matthew 9 in which Jesus first forgives the sins of a man with palsy and then physically heals him. Fr. Yossi pointed out that the friends and family of the ill man had strong enough faith to believe that Jesus could and would heal him. He then asked if we have enough faith to save our friends and family? He also noted that Jesus healed the man from the inside out - Jesus healed his soul first by forgiving his sins and then healed his body. In closing Fr. Yossi left us with three thoughts:

1. Have enough faith to save yourself and others

2. Be concerned with your spiritual health, don't bring dark things into your life

3. Jesus knows your heart, thoughts, feelings, wants, and desires - so guard your heart and your spirit and have faith.

Please see the following link for the complete service including the sermon:

Thank you Fr. Yossi for the very inspirational sermon and beautiful service!

Service Notes:

Next Sunday, October 22 we will celebrate the baptism of Sam, one of our new members! The baptism will take place at 11 am followed immediately by the Holy Communion Service.

On Sunday, October 29, we will have Morning Prayer service at 11 am.


The Confirmation Classes will continue next Sunday. While the classes are specifically designed for the people to be confirmed, all are welcome to attend. The classes start at 10 am - a pot of coffee will be on!


After services we enjoyed some delicious food and wonderful company!!

Thank you to everyone who brought all the delicious food to share!


Matt and Deborah have invited all of us to a blessing of their house by Fr. Yossi on Tuesday, Oct 31 starting at 4:30 pm followed by a chili dinner. Costumes not required but rewarded with extra treats! They spent the last year renovating their home - looking forward to seeing the results of their labor. Please contact Deborah or me for their address.


Several members of St. Peter's attended the Anglican Joint Synod in Orlando FL this past week. Fr. Yossi, Fr. Paul, Benita, Br. Scott, Sue, Teresa, Diane, and I all attended.

The Anglican Province of America (APA), the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), and the Anglican Church in America (ACA), are three branches of the continuing Anglican movement in United States which have pledged to seek “full, institutional, and organic union with each other.” Every third year they meet together in a joint Synod. St. Peter's is a member church of the APA. The APA is split into dioceses including the Diocese of the Eastern United States (DEUS) which St. Peter's belongs to.

Fr. Yossi, Br. Scott, Sue, and Teresa attended the business meetings for both the entire APA and the DEUS as voting delegates. Both the APA and DEUS are growing and are financially healthy at this time. For more information please speak with one of the delegates. Also, Teresa was elected to the Provincial Council (one of only three lay members) - congratulations Teresa!

In addition to the business, we had a wonderful time meeting other Anglicans . . . including one rather famous one - The Rev. Calvn Robinson from the UK!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch with him at a restaurant close to the hotel.

What a pleasure to meet him! Many prayers for him as he works to defend and promote traditional Anglicanism in London.

We all attended the joint banquet at the end of the Synod meeting!

And Diane made a special friend, baby Agnes!

Rev. Robinson spoke to the combined jurisdictions about the urgent need for an unified traditional Anglican church in today's world. His remarks on Friday morning

were followed by the closing Pontifical Mass.


Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group on Discord every Thursday at 2 pm. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! If you have a special prayer request but cannot join us, please send your request to Sue. Please contact me if you would like to join us on Discord.


Our next Women's Bible Study is on Wed. October 18 @ 11 am at the church. We are using "The First 24" for our study guide. This is an in depth study of Mark 1:21-45 - the first 24 hours of Jesus' public ministry. The guide is available on Amazon. Please remember to bring the book, your bible, and a lunch!


Information about the Annual DEUS Women's Retreat was distributed recently by the Bishop's office. The schedule for the retreat is below:

The registration deadline is Oct. 28. I will post more information on the bulletin board downstairs. That information will include the registration form.


October Activities

Wed., October 18 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., October 19 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., October 22 9:15 am Morning Prayer

10 am Christian Education

11 am Holy Baptism (Sam)

followed by Holy Communion, Fr. Yossi

Mission Committee meeting

Wed., October 25 11 am Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thur., October 26 2 pm Online Prayer Group

Sun., October 29 10 am Christian Education

11 am Morning Prayer, Br. Scott

Tues., October 31 4:30 Matt & Deborah's House Blessing, Fr. Yossi

followed by dinner


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