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What a wonderful week...

The Lord has blessed St. Peter's in many ways this week! Let us count the ways:

Blessing 1. Faithful Lay Readers

Scott led us in another beautiful Morning Prayer Service. He read a thought provoking sermon on the paradoxes inherent in Christianity focusing particularly on the incarnation and Easter. The sermon discussed the paradox of Jesus being both eternal, existing always but spending the 9 months gestation confined in Mary's womb. He also discussed Jesus, eternal, existing always, and perfect, died for sins he didn't commit. Thank you Scott for the service and the sermon.

Blessing 2. Visitors

Adrienne's mother, Renee, joined Adrienne and Taylor this morning. Renee is visiting from New Mexico and is recovering from recent knee surgery. We pray her recovery continues to be successful and she has a safe flight home!

Another Fr. Scott visited us this Sunday! Fr. Scott is an ordained priest in another branch of the Anglican Tree. He has recently returned to his home town in the area along with his wife, young daughter, and recently arrived daughter (born last week!). We welcome them all to St. Peters as they re-adjust to life in Tennessee!

After services, Scott and Fr. Scott had an animated conversation!

Blessing 3. Christian Education Returns

Fr. Dennis has agreed to lead our Christian Education Program this fall! He will lead the program on the Sundays he is with us and send information to us for the Sundays he is not. He plans to begin with an introduction to and study of the highlights of Isaiah beginning next Sunday, Oct. 4 at 10 am. Later lessons will include Jeremiah, Micah, and Malaci.

Thank you so much, Fr. Dennis!

Blessing 4. Women's Bible Study Returns

After a long break, Teresa is restarting our Women's Bible Study on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 1 pm. Thank you so much Teresa for restarting this greatly missed group!

Blessing 6: Continuing Prayer Group

New day: Tuesday

New time: 11:30 am

Sue continues to lead our weekly online prayer group. However, we are switching to Tuesday at 11:30 starting this week on Sept. 30. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers! Please contact me if you would like to join us but are not on Discord.

Blessing 7: Dedicated Jr. Warden

Mike our dedicated and hard working Jr. Warden re-positioned our sign on Ft. Henry. Now the sign can be seen clearly from both directions! Thank you, Mike for that work and all the other hard work you do around the church!

To help with the outside work, we have scheduled a day for fall landscape work on Thurs. Oct 15. We will send out a list of the work next week! Please come help if you are available!

Blessing 8: Opportunities to help people and spread God's message!

It's Samaritan's Purse/ Operation Christmas Child time again. Last year we packed 25 boxes for children around the world. We plan to pack boxes again this year on Sunday, Nov 15 before services. Please start looking for items to include in the boxes. At the link below is information about what to buy for the shoe boxes as well as information about the program.

More information to come in the near future!


SEPTEMBER Tuesday, September 29 @ 11:30 am, Prayer Group on Discord OCTOBER Sunday, October 4 @ 10 am Christian Education/Isaiah @ 11 am, Holy Communion Services with Fr. Dennis at the church

Tuesday, October 6 @ 11:30 am, Prayer Group on Discord

Wednesday, October 7 @ 1 pm, Women's Bible Study

at the church

Sunday, October 11 @ 10 am Christian Education/Isaiah @ 11 am, Morning Prayer Services @ noon, Mission Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 13 @ 11:30 am, Prayer Group on Discord

Wednesday, October 14 @ 1 pm, Women's Bible Study

at the church

Thursday, October 15 @ 9:30 am, yard winterization, clean up


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