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A Quiet Week

Jim led a beautiful Morning Prayer service this past Sunday.

Jim presented a sermon by Fr. Scott discussing the Gospel lesson from Matthew 8:1-13 describing the faith of the Centurion and Jesus' healing of his servant.

We also continued our Christian Education series on the Book of James discussing finding joy in trials and maturing in faith.

Deacon Bob Shoup (and hopefully his wife) will join us for a Deacon's Mass on Feb. 9. We are looking forward to seeing both of them again!


We had another cleaning day! We started in the furnace room shown here......

moved to the office......

Sorted Samaritan's Purse donations stored in the vesting room...... all ready for this coming Christmas!

The final results are amazing - things are really starting to look so much better!

Thank you to everyone who helped!

We are meeting again this Tuesday at 10:30 am with plans to clean in the nursery and the small storage room right beside the back door. In addition to physical cleaning, we have lots of paperwork to sort through and things to catalog! Please come join us if you can!


The Women's Bible Study Group still has two more lessons to complete in the "Scouting the Divine" series. I plan to restart with lesson 5 "Among the Vineyards" on Wednesday February 5 at 10 am.

Rose Marie volunteered to host us at her house!

This will give us 4 weeks to finish up (Feb 12, Feb 19, & Mar 4) before Teresa starts a new Bible Study, "Made to Crave - Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food"! Teresa is planning to start on Wed. March 11 at the Church!


Jim is back from Florida and ready to start up the Men's Group again. The first meeting will be Tuesday, February 11 at 6pm. Please note the time correction - I listed an incorrect time last week.


Last year as a congregation we saw the movie "The Moses Controversy", part of the Patterns of Evidence series of movies. The next movie in the series, "The Red Sea Miracle, part 1" is premiering on Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 7 pm at the Tinseltown Bristol (unfortunately, this is the only showing time/date). If you are interested, please let me know. We will try to arrange for car pooling for those concerned about the late time. Also, let me know your thoughts on meeting for dinner before the show. The movie website lists the ticket price as $12.08.

Please find more information at:



Tuesday, Feb 4 @ 10:30 am - clean out of basement rooms

Wednesday, Feb 5 @ 10 am Women's Bible Study "Scouting the

Divine" at Rose Marie's house

Sunday, Feb 9 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Deacon's Mass with Deacon Bob Shoup

@ noon Mission Committee Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 11 @ 6 pm Men's Group

Wednesday, Feb 12 @ 10 am Women's Bible Study "Scouting the


Sunday, Feb 16 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Holy Communion with Father Dennis

@noon Luncheon

Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 7 pm The Red Sea Miracle at the Tinseltown Bristol

Wednesday, Feb 19 @ 10 am Women's Bible Study "Scouting the


Sunday, Feb 23 @ 10 am Christian Education

@ 11 am Holy Communion with Father Scott

Tuesday, Feb 25 @ 4:30 pm - Pancake Dinner at Perkins Bristol

Wednesday, Feb 26 @ 1 pm - Ash Wednesday Service with Deacon



FYI - Just a reminder

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Thank you!



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