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Difficult times but remember to....

Many things have happened in the three weeks since my last post:

Fr. Dennis came from NC for Holy Communion on Sunday, July 5. Thank you Fr. Dennis for driving over on a Holiday weekend!

In Sullivan County, the COVID cases began increasing rapidly. St. Peter's returned to Discord for Morning Prayer Services on Sunday, July 12.

Fr. Scott joined us for a Spiritual Communion Service on Discord on Sunday July 19. Thank you Fr. Scott, it was great to hear your voice again.

The Mission Committee voted to continued with online services on July 26 and August 2. We will decide for the two Sundays after that on August 2.


Sue continues to lead our weekly prayer group meetings on Discord. Our next prayer group meeting is on Discord this Wednesday, July 22 at 11:15 am. Thank you so much Sue for taking the time each week to lead our prayers!


Late in June Sigrid and I visited Margaret. We were allowed to see her and talk on speaker phone thru her bedroom window. The pictures below are from outside her window.

Sigrid and I attempted a selfie!


July - August

Wednesday, July 22 , @ 11 am, Prayer Group on Discord

Sunday, August 2 @ 11 am, Morning Prayer Service on Discord


Joining us on Discord

As part of the learning curve I have learned that microphones and headphones are not always required. Several people are just using their phones or tablets. Also my Discord expert (my game loving son) advised many different types of phones and tablets will support Discord. I hope you are all able to join us.

The process to join Discord is as follows:

1.  On the device you want to use - go to

2.  Follow the download instructions on

3.  After download, create a user name and password.  I just used my

initials - rhc.  Discord will assign a four digit code to your user name

- for example my full user name on Discord is  rhc#8162

4.  Go to the '  friends  '  tab.  Click on Add Friend .  Type in

rhc#8162.  Click    Send Friend Request.

5.  After I receive your request, I will send you an invitation to join

the St Peters Talk server.

6. After you accept the invitation to join St Peters Talk server, call me and I will show you how to get on voice. (If you don't have my number, send me an email so I can send it to you!)



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